Dear Clients:

I take great pleasure in thanking you for looking into the manpower placement activities of Nisha Overseas and in presenting this submittal trust that it will form a positive impression of our organization and hope this brochure shall act as genuine guidance regarding supply and recruitment of Bangladeshi manpower right from the top of highly professionals to unskilled. Back in the beginning nineties when Nisha Overseas was founded we realized that the processing of worker for employment in the middle eastern countries as well as Malaysia needed great care in order to meet the employee's requirement for willing, adaptable. Competent, efficient and well behaved workers. In my organization efforts to achieve clients satisfaction of manpower placement activities, we stress on the need to maintain a very high standard of system recruitment policy which enable Nisha Overseas to emerge in to a prestigious international organization. This surely must be a reflection of clients satisfaction and perhaps the most gratifying reward for what is now Nisha Overseas.

Therefore I cordially invite you to analyze the benefit in recruiting manpower from Bangladesh for your company and this supplement our efforts and wide category human resources. Your enquiry will be nourished with great pleasure. And demand will be met with profound success.

Your Sincerely,



Md Ashraf Ali Sarder