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Countries of the modern world arte interdependent. Latest science and technology have brought them closer to each other. Every Country makes its presence in the world community through its own marketable items.

Bangladesh is a Country of surplus manpower. It exports this item in the world markets especially in the middle eastern, Malaysia and unskilled manpower in these countries are increasing day by day. In the Context of this aspect a good number of modern technical and vocational training institutes have been set up both in public and private sectors to cope with the increasing demands. These specialized institutes are producing high and standard quality skilled and semiskilled manpower side by side the unskilled millions. Engineering, agricultural, medical universities and colleges are producing every year a vast number of qualified professionals of international standards. Their performances in their respective fields have acclaimed.

In manpower recruitment, proper selection and timely dispatch of the proper man to the right job is fraught with risk. A wrong selection and late dispatch may jeopardize the whole show. Keeping this aspect in the prime consideration Nisha Overseas has set its sail in the recruiting arena with a group of intelligent, honest, hard working, careful and experienced people having latest knowledge and information about manpower recruitment.

Nisha Overseas vows to make a parade of its abilities and virtues to its valued clients, well wishers and friends abroad through performances and services.

Let the indomitable Nisha Overseas serve you in its style of integrity and dedication.

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