Why Nisha Overseas?

We at Nisha Overseas - through a network of international business executives, specialized consultants, experienced multi disciplined engineers and personnel are always available to assist and compliment your manpower needs - whether you need them for Construction; Operation and Maintenance of Buildings, Roads, Camps, Airport, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Universities, Shopping Centers, Ports, Power Generation Plants, Refineries, Factories and / or Industrial Operations, etc.Whatever varied your manpower requirements might be, we strongly believe would be able to meet your total needs and conditional ties. Our Dream always- A better tomorrow "quality depends on employees who have respect for each other and pride in their company and who have a real commitment to excellence.

Top Brains Gather Together

We can proudly claim that we are a professional company in manpower trade. We are staffed with professionals from different disciplines. For our manpower section, we have 20 regular officers and members of the staff - some of them are having over 15 years long standing experiences to their credit in recruitment and placement jobs. Nisha Overseas success is largely due to its core of dynamic professionals. Through their expertise fields, the company has been able to gain a broader view of its clients needs and objectives. The members of the staff attaches due consideration to economic and cultural realities and always thrives to handle any sort of placement jobs in their right earnest. In this way Nisha Overseas lends credibility to its commitment - We do recruitment and placement jobs right.We would always welcome a foreign principal or his representative to visit Nisha Overseas and personally participate in the screenin, skill testing and final selection of applicants most Overseas will provideits foreign guest, free secretarial assistance, trade testing facilities, fax, photocopier, etc. We handle for the client, his family or representative tours and hotel reservations ion Bangladesh or other Asian Countries and also take care of their travel details. We have our own computer installations with numerous packaged application software's for various data processing jobs and as such been able to maintain a resourceful DATA BANK with tested and proven skilled craftsmen of all categories. These prospective candidates are always available for placements abroad, at relatively a shorter notice. We have our own Ticketing and Reservation Office having tremendous amount of influence and control over the Airliners which is helping us in an immense way to ease our mobilization job.

Facilities with Nisha Overseas

We, at Nisha Overseas have all the related infrastructure which are conductive to a proper recruitment and deployment. We have our own Trade Test and interview center for conducting practical trade test relating to skilled and semi-skilled workers. For specialized skill testing, we have necessary arrangements with the local government recognized technical institutes.

As to the Methodology for our Recruitment and Selection

We are having processed information for thousands of semi-skilled workers with the aid of our DATA BANK. We keep through the process of continuous conducting of Trade/Skill test and interviews round the year. Sometime we tab additional workforce through local factories, ministry of Labour, Vocational institutes and other affiliated agencies.Depending on the circumstance of the case, we, sometimes without the proper approval of the authorities concerned, do advertise relative vacancies in Newspapers, Radio and TV. We complete the bio-data for the workers incorporating there in the comprehensive information pertaining to the worker's past track records, etc. After a bio-data is compiled, the initial screening of the applications is conducted. When the preliminary screening is over, the individual applicants is given an oral interview by Galaxy Travel interviewing staff having experiences in the same trade/ skills. The interviewers observatories/ recommendations there after are entered on the appropriate places of the applicant's application. As the case might require, the applicant is then asked for written test. After the written test, trade/ skill testing is conducted. This is the very critical step where the applicants skill is actually tested and verified under field conditions as close as possible to the actual working conditions at the site of the principal. Most of the testing is done in our own facilities. In certain special cases, such as equipment operators, mechanics, heavy welders, etc., testing is done by our examiners in the government recognized Technical Institutes. The overseas principal or his authorized representative is always welcome to participate in the final trade/ skill testing of the workers. Now, after it is ascertained that a worker has the required knowledge, skill and inertia to perform the required job. Prior to his final selection the following points also are taken care of:

1. Background, social conduct, behavior, self confidence, verbal ability, involvement in the political activities, capacity for self reflection, belief in personal efficacy, etc.

2. Psychological testing in case of highly skilled and professionals.

3. Detailed Medical Certification including chest X-Ray, Blood/ Urine tests, V.D. Check, AIDS Test, etc.

4. Police Certification.

The final selection of the applicant is done by unanimous decision of the Placement Committee, Testing and interviewing staff and the Representative of the overseas principal, if already attended the screening, interviewing and skill testing.

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